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ORDER ONLINE BUT PICK UP IN STORE  |   Due to the volume of these items and the high shipping fees associated with that. We decided that it makes more sense to have you pick them up in store. 


STOMACH SLEEPER  |  Sleeping on your stomach is less than ideal. Choose a lower fill to alleviate the aches & pain, numbness and tingling associated with sleeping on your stomach. A thick pillow can throw off your natural alignment forcing your head and spine in an unnatural position.

SIDE SLEEPER  |  Sleeping on your side is the ideal position for a healthy spine. Look for a pillow that creates enough support to keep your neck straight but not too much that it displaces your spine's natural alignment. Choose a medium-firm fill pillow to create the perfect balance.

BACK SLEEPER  |  When sleeping on your back choose a pillow that properly supports your head to avoid muscle strain. A sleeping pillow with a medium fill will offer such support and aid in reducing snoring.